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What does your treatment look like?

Answers to questions around ‘feeling good’ are often decided in the human body itself. Somatic Movement helps to understand the signals of your body and to act accordingly.

That is why it is called  body-oriented experiential therapy: you learn to listen to signals from your body. You learn to give them a place and to intelligently translate them into health, well-being and effective action.

During the introductory meeting, a treatment plan will be drawn up on the basis of your complaints and questions.

In the following consultations you learn to listen to the signals from your body. A new and special experience for many people.

You come in contact with your own body that tells you exactly where the problems are. Under my guidance you learn posture and movement exercises, breath and voice exercises, attention and body awareness exercises.

By doing these exercises regularly, your body regains the natural balance and you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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